Perspective: Travel Days are the Busiest

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – It was 2 am by the time we left UD Arena the night we beat UCLA. We then got on the road and made our trip back to Olean, NY,  arriving at 10 am. Like the wise scholar I am, I decided that it was a good idea to attend my Managerial Accounting class where I was prompted with a test (just what I needed after 8 hours stuck in a car with no sleep).

As we pulled up to campus, Olean Times Beat Writer, J.P. Butler, said it best:

“We’re all just stumbling into Wednesday.”

The rest of the day consisted of processing credentials for Dallas; showering and unpacking; travel meetings that lead to me driving all the way to Buffalo just to book my flight (don’t ask); driving back; and then somewhat of a dinner all before packing and leaving my apartment at 2:30 am for an early morning flight out of Buffalo.

I made it to my car drop location in decent time but was ridiculously held up by my Uber driver which forced me to push my flight to the next available.

I am now in the airport, finally settled and ready to edit some more photos, and brainstorming about tonight’s coverage for our emotional matchup against the Florida Gators whom we surprisingly lost to a little over a year ago. I’m not sure what’s in store yet, but count on a ton of photos!

Also, look out for my man Gabriel LaMarca! He published an awesome read, The Stock is Up, a few hours ago and is going to be a huge contributor for us moving forward!