The Stock is Up

DAYTON, OHIO – Courtney Stockard played all 40 minutes of the 65-58 tournament win over UCLA, a team with an obvious size advantage. Yet, the Bonnies battled hard for their win having to rely heavily on Courtney Stockard to put up 26 points going 9 for 20 from the field, but this one wasn’t about statistics. This win was all about the heart and drive this Bonnie’s team had last night.

Stockard has always had his name thrown around when I was an undergrad at St. Bonaventure University.  We had some high hopes for the talented forward, but injuries got the best of him.  Yet, when he stepped on the court to play for the Bonnies this season, I had an incredible feeling that he was determined to prove something to everyone in the building.  We have been waiting long enough for the surfacing of Courtney’s talent, and we finally got it at the perfect time.

Stockard wasn’t a starter to begin the season, but he has shown to be an unbelievable threat to other teams that step on to that court against the Bonnies.  Last night was just one of the many games that Stockard has taken charge when others were struggling.  I am sure many of you have thought that if Stockard hadn’t of had a hamstring injury, we probably would’ve topped Davidson.  Yes, it’s possible, but the past is in the past, and we’re looking forward towards Florida.

Although the announcers will always look to Adams and Mobley based on statistics, but Stockard is the Dark Horse in this race against the world.  With those three at the helm, there isn’t going to be a single team in the tournament who will want to face us.

As for last night…

I wouldn’t necessarily consider the Bonnies as the underdog, but going up against a big name like UCLA, the nation probably thought so.

As a recent Alum, this game means something special. We made it to the tournament, and we got over that first hump. Hearing the loudness of the Bona crowd in Dayton gave me chills as I sat at home and watched on TV.

My grandfather, graduating in 1971, was on the edge of his seat praying that he would see a win. Witnessing Bob Lanier in the tournament in 1970 brought back many memories for him. He always tells me stories saying, “if Lanier never got hurt, we would’ve won it all.” That is a part Bonas’ history though– we got unlucky a few times, but this time it’s our time.

Everyone likes an underdog story, especially looking back at Jimmy V’s NC State team winning it all. Additionally, there are probably a bunch of Syracuse fans that would like us to go home, but, they can’t talk because everyone knows they have no right being in this tournament to begin with. Besides the fact, the Bonnies look ready to take on Florida. Jay Adams and Matt Mobley are due for a good game. Once they get going, this warpath may be one for the books