TapInto Staten Island

David Andoh, Managing Partner – TapInto Staten Island/Greater Brooklyn


  • Staten Island Advance (silive.com)
    • Who are they currently advertising for?
      • ?



  • Creative Program (Entrepreneurship Club)
    • Internet Marketing and Content Creation
      • Creativity comes in all different shapes and sizes. Students will have the freedom to create as they go, however they desire. Our goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to pursue their own creative aspirations. Our expertise will be used to not only create, but nurture, develop, and bring ideas to market.
  • Marketing Communications
    • PR, Native,

Small Businesses

  • Directory
    • List of all small businesses
      • Call businesses and request bio info for directory (free advertising)
        • Conversion goal? Advertise with us.
  • Marketing Communications

Creative individuals

  • Self Branding & Content Creation
    • PortfolioMe (Build Your Own Brand)
      • PortfolioMe is an educational program focused on introducing students to self branding and content creation. The program aims to humanize the creative process by guiding students through a series of lessons spanning from simple to complex. Students will be provided a digital resource folder where they will be required to store their research, WIP, content, and strategy.