Moments In Time

Growing up, I lived all over the The United States– Maryland, Florida, Arizona and California, to name a few.  Each one of these states is beautiful in its own way, and even though I’ve moved on, they still all hold a piece of me native.

My one regret in all of my adventure is that my family never documented things. It’s not that we didn’t have the tools, because we did. I recorded some of my brother’s basketball games, and took a few pictures on my mom’s nifty little point-and-shoot. But Life, circumstance– the important stuff, thats what we never captured.

When I found photography in the spring of 2016, I pledged that I would document everything moving forward. I hated the idea that my only recollection of such precious times were lost in memory. I wanted something tangible, something to show for my experiences– a way to relive those moments with the same authenticity in which they transpired.

Now, I want to afford this same opportunity to those around me. #PeoplesWay