Go Bonas

DALLAS, TEXAS – It was nerve-racking to watch last night’s game against Florida, who had control for the entire 40 minutes of game-play.

I was out at the bar with some cousins where I watched the first half sitting on the end of my chair trying to imagine the Bonnies going on a run, but it didn’t quite happen.  Once the half hit, I rushed home to catch the second, and it got even worse.

The boys looked gassed, but they never gave up.  They were down, but there was never any evidence of them wanting to quit.  This season had its ups and downs, but this team was willing to fight and prove themselves to the rest of the world.

With a surprising loss to Niagara to open up the season without Jay Adams, we started to get into a rhythm by winning some big games against Maryland and Syracuse.  But then we had to deal with another challenge, the conference games.  We started it off badly losing four out of our first six conference games.  It was looking to be a long season for the Bonnies.  We then pulled a 180 and went on a 13-0 win streak just before losing to Davidson in the semi-finals of the Atlantic 10 Tournament.

The fans had total confidence in making the Big Dance, but there was always that gross feeling in our stomach just “what if they snub us again?” This time, we had a better resume, and we got picked to play in the First Four against UCLA.  The stress was gone as we finally made it back to the dance.  We put down UCLA with one of the best defensives stands against a big named school I have ever seen the Bonnies do.

There was still this pit in my stomach though.  We won, but Jay Adams and Matt Mobley seemed to be locked in the freezer.  Stockard had a tremendous game, but we needed the other two to get something going.  Unfortunately, Florida got the best of us.


Florida was a disappointing loss for the fans, and especially the players.  I could see it on everyone’s faces.  They were beat, but still fighting.  Adams never gave up during that game.  He tried to get his teammates going even when he was struggling.  I think that tells the world about what type of player he is.  He won’t give up when he isn’t playing his game.  He will try to help his teammates instead.

Hats off to a great season and especially, a great career for Jay Adams and Matt Mobley, one of the deadliest scoring duos in the nation.  Bonas will forever be grateful for the hard work and dedication you put in to winning here at this incredibly small school.

Until next year…


Go Bonas