Perspective: Creative Space

Remember a few years ago when you really wanted to do something creative but felt like it wouldn’t be worth it or that others wouldn’t approve? Ask yourself why. Why did you let the fear of what others think get in the way of you pursuing your creative aspirations?

I met a kid earlier this year who wants to put magnets in football helmets to decrease the g-force of head to head collisions on the football field. I instantly connected with the teenager because I once thought to myself that that would be the “no-brainer” solution to all concussions on the grid-iron. I let the thought slip my mind.

This kid didn’t. He was determined to turn his idea into a reality, and I continue to applaud him for it today. In less than two years, this kid, who’s name I’m not disclosing for legal purposes, will soon be very successful– whatever that means.

I hear so many stories about people not wanting to do something creative because it’s unrealistic, their parents won’t approve or that their friends won’t support their “dumb” idea. Truth is, who cares what they think.

Let’s be logical for a second: What’s your favorite, um.. toy, gadget, or brand? How long has it been around? Who came up with the idea? Why do you like it?

Now take this product and dig deeper. Find out (do some research), literally, how was it created?

I often lose people here.

“It’s too much work”, “I don’t have the money.” Etcetera, etcetera.

My argument is that you don’t need any money to create because it starts in your mind. If you don’t want to work at it, you don’t want it. And if you let barriers like funding get in the way, your probably not cut out for it in the first place. I tell people all the time that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

When I was just a baby–and my parents still make fun of me for it today–I wanted things “right now”, and I was always impatient. If you ask me today at 24 years old, those are two characteristics of promising entrepreneurs.

Being creative in today’s digital world is easier than ever before. Here are four steps that most of the people reading this post will read, make sense of, but not put in the leg work to turn into something tangible.

1. Choose an interest
2. Build a platform
3. Establish an audience
4. Earn revenue

Take that favorite thing you thought of earlier and apply those four metrics. Can you imagine how an idea could turn into something real? If so, then take a moment to acknowledge that “doing your own thing” is realistic and that all that is standing in between your current state and such an ideal reality is first your effort and then your ability to ignore the people who might not be as open minded as you are.

Facebook started because a man wanted to compare students on a college campus. Amazon is what it is today because someone wanted to sell books online, and ESPN’s mission was to create a cable television network focusing on Connecticut sports when only 20% of it’s homes were receiving cable.

As for me, my goal is to create a space where people feel inspired to do what they want no matter how big or small. I hope to pose as a platform for people to engage not only their own voice, but those of others as well.