Our individual skill development sessions are a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to improve their overall basketball ability.

Our philosophy is centered around three skills. Shooting, ball-handling, and footwork. We chose to focus on these skills because they are what we found to be most essential for our lead trainer, former St. Bonaventure Bonnie, David Andoh.

Ball Handling offers ball control and hand strength as well as a means to create space. As a shooter, getting your shot off is the most crucial part.

Shooting is pretty self explanatory, until it’s not. We simply focus on the nuances here. Our approach and dedication earned David honors as the 3rd best pick-and-pop shooter in the country. Shooting is all about tunnel vision, mechanics, and timing. We’ll teach you all the tricks when we get in the gym.

Footwork is our favorite part, and it should be yours too. Growing up, David worked out with a man who had coached Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire. All he did was breakdown footwork drills. We’ll show you all of these. Mentally, it’s hard work. Physically it’s very low stress and a perfect way to fine-tune both over the summer and during the season.

Just remember, every step that you have on your opponent allows for better shot performance.

Lets get in the gym!

Text 716-307-0915 for more info. 20$/workout. We accept cash, check, and Venmo.